Friday, March 14, 2014

The Vanishing Cowboys

 Why We Went To Austin

Sometimes families lose touch with one another...and that is exactly what happened to these two little cowboys. This painting, painted by my cousin Eloise, in the 1950's, is also of cousins.

 Joe and Dan grew up on a north Texas ranch. I am not sure how many types of animals there were on the ranch....but as a young girl I remember a lot of pigs. Joe, the younger one, was my age. We graduated from high school together...and I guess that is the last time I saw him. Both boys left the state, and pursued different paths. Dan, last I heard, was a banker turned organic farmer, while Joe remained a rough and tumble cowboy, working on ranches, out west, until his death in 2008.

Back to present day. What to do with Eloise's (who is also no longer with us) painting?. Seems Joe was  married briefly, some forty years ago, and we heard that he had a daughter who still lived in Texas. My sister Nancy did some Internet detective work, and located Joe's daughter living near Austin. So, on Tuesday, two of my sisters and I, delivered this painting to Joe's daughter Julia. We were so happy that she wanted it...and happier yet to meet her. She was delightful, and  very interested  in a side of the family that she knew nothing about.
We are so happy that the painting will stay in the family and has found it's rightful owner.
Thanks Milton.


  1. What a sweet story Janey, so glad you found her. Where would we be without internet!

  2. I agree with Marianne, a wonderful story Janey and good on you for taking the time to find out where the painting 'belonged'.. you could just as easily put it in a cupboard OR donated it to a Good Samaritan store. I bet Julia was thrilled to bits.

  3. that is really awesome. great painting, too.

  4. This is a great story, and I am happy for all of you that the connections were made!