Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Favorite Stop

Leaving the Dallas Fort Worth area (known as the Metroplex) and driving south on Interstate Highway 35 toward the state capitol, Austin, you pass a little town about halfway, named West.. Yes, even though it is in central is called West, Texas....and I might add, very few frequent travelers.. actually pass. They know where to stop...... at this bakery!
Opened in 1952, by Georgia and Wendel Montgomery, this little spot is very famous for their kolache's. A favorite of their many Czechoslovakian settlers. Usually fruit filled, Wendel had a bright  idea one day, while eating a hot dog. He,with the help of his wife and his mother in law came up with a recipe for a small sausage hidden in a soft pastry roll. He actually called it a "klobasniki" which translates, in Czech, to little sausage. Although we just call them Kolaches...and people around here love them.

 Traveling to Austin with two of my sister's early on Tuesday...we too stopped, just at daybreak, for one of their also famous cinnamon rolls.

I had to add this picture of their little Spring cookies.... because I like bright colors and I am ready for Spring! Come back again for more on our Austin trip...


  1. i've stopped in west for kolaches once or twice. :)

  2. They sound tasty! Those spring cookies are so cute.
    You should be heading back to Colorado before too long, yes?

  3. It looks very nice, not american at all, more like Europe.

  4. I always yearn for good bakeries when we travel and feel victorious when I find one. They're not easy to find! This one would suit my qualifications for a business with tasty treats.