Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Nice Day

I had a nice day yesterday, despite it being still unseasonably cold in north Texas. I braved the cold, to go sign up for the Silver Frogs Continuing Education Classes at TCU (Texas Christian University). Some of you were interested in what I was going to take....So here you go! Signed up for Maximizing Genealogy Research Success and Saving Ourselves: Writing About Our Experiences.

I will also attend two lectures. One on Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel and another on The Holocaust.There are also a couple of lunches I signed up for. I am really looking forward to it. The objective was to get out there  and meet new friends.

There was a gal there I really liked. She and her husband just moved  here (retired) from Connecticut and are looking for a house. I found out that she had walked the 500 mile Camino last year (through France and Spain). Oh, how I wish I didn't have bad feet and could do that!

Then I stopped at a grocery store that I love, and is always so much fun...It would cheer anyone up!
First I ran into this cute employee. He made me giggle

Then I ran into this guy posed as a Super Hero in a turkey suit. I had to ask "What are y'all doing?". He simply replied, "Our turkeys are in!"
I hope that you had a fun day too. Do you have your turkey? ...if not you may find one....and a lot of fun at Trader Joe's!.


  1. You DID have a busy day! I love the course and lectures you are taking. Isn't it great to be able to do these things?!

  2. how cute are those guys. :)

    sounds like you're going to have some interesting subjects to ponder.

  3. Looks like a fun place to go shopping!