Friday, November 7, 2014

The Staircase

I know it is a little early to be getting ready for the holidays, but thirty members of my family will be coming here on Christmas I am planning on decorating early . We also have a new grand baby arriving in about two weeks, so we will be heading off to North Carolina, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Very delighted about this ...... stand by for more news on that.
I am an early riser. So, instead of reading blogs this morning, I've been making bows....only have about six to go.
I have also been measuring garlands.

You see, for the first time, in about twenty nine years, we have a staircase to decorate. I know, most people ...around our age....wouldn't build a house with a staircase. Our new place is on a very narrow lot though, so in order to have enough space...we had to go up. Everything we need is on the first floor, so our guests (and visiting children), will be climbing these. Above, is the before shot....and I will eventually post and after!


  1. Exciting times for you! I am sure the stairs will look beautiful with decorations. Keep going.

  2. Beautiful staircase! It will look lovely with those bows on it!

  3. and a beautiful staircase it is!!! good planning on your part to 'live' on the bottom floor and have extra space upstairs.

  4. Smart to have everything on the first floor. You will have fun decorating the staircase. How about some mistletoe too?