Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Let's Walk

While our new house was being built, Tom and I leased a house in my sister Nancy's neighborhood. A place where most of the homes were built between 1910 and 1930. Grand homes in their day; and happily  most of them have been restored. I walked then, with my sister, five mornings a week, and I miss that since I have moved across town.Some of you will remember me posting about this neighborhood previously. So, when my sister called and asked me to walk yesterday morning...I agreed. I say across town....It is only a twelve minute drive.
It was early, so there are long morning shadows. I've always liked this old Mediterranean style house.
Another of similar style, on a smaller scale . Nancy said that in the Spring they will have lush green ferns in those pots.
click on photo to enlarge
This one is my all time favorite . The gentleman who built the neighborhood, built this beauty in 1911. It was recently restored for a professional baseball player, his young wife and two small children. I understand it was on the Christmas Tour in December ...and I missed it. Darn!
Do you like old homes, or prefer new ones?


  1. Hello Janey,

    No prizes for guessing that we are definitely in the old houses camp. Old houses complement all the ancient 'stuff', including ourselves, that we surround ourselves with!

    Yes, we should definitely enjoy walking around this neighbourhood, sneaking peeks into the windows. It all looks beautifully kept and, clearly, people treasure these old buildings.

  2. Love the early morning light Janey.. You should make that 12 minute drive more often :) beautiful old houses, I definitely prefer older houses.

  3. Beautiful homes! I like both older and newer homes; I'd prefer living in a new home because of less maintenance issues though. Looking forward to reading about your Colorado adventures, Janey...3 years ago we looked at purchasing a home in Estes Park but we've now decided we need to live closer to Estes, while we love it, is just for vacation for us

    1. Hi Beth,

      We will head to our Colorado home the first of June. A whole lot more adventures there ...come back and see me ! Janey

  4. To Jane, Lance and Grace.

    I too prefer older homes, but like Beth...don't really want the upkeep walking by is my only choice!

  5. i like an older neighborhood with big, established trees. :)

  6. Older the better. I am coming next week end to walk/dance with Polly. I want to come by and see your house.

  7. Many grand old homes there; such pleasurable walk!