Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Birthday Lunch

 I had lunch yesterday in my sister Nancy's beautiful dining room
You always know that if you are eating at Nancy's is going to be delicious fare!

The main course was  standing Roasted Pork with chutney sauce

Accompanied by a spinach pear and feta salad, sprinkled with sugared walnuts. Peas with shallots and pancetta and the most delicious.... mashed potatoes.

all finished off with a slice of Black Forest Cake.
I moved to town to be closer to family, and it is such a treat to celebrate milestone birthdays with all five sisters together. Yes, that is me...the middle child.
Happy Birthday Suzanne!


  1. To have four sisters is a treat, I have only one and not so close by. You are not all look-a-likes, in fact all very different. That lunch looks very tasteful!

  2. Hello Janey,

    What fun to have all five of you together at this birthday celebration.
    The table looks so beautifully laid and the food, we are certain, was delicious. Oh, if only we were close by too!

  3. So lovely to celebrate with your sisters Janey.. I'm a middle sister too :)

  4. that's awesome. i am so envious. :)

  5. Now my mouth is really watering, the menu sounds delicious. Glad you had a lovely birthday lunch with all of your sisters what a very nice thing to do.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    Lovely dinner and yummy food you show us here.
    What a blessing to be five sisters together. My dear friend from The Netherlands who is visiting again in early May, she has four sisters too and no brothers. She, like me, lost her Mom in January... We have so much in common but I thought about her right away as I know no one else like you and her.

  7. Ah, the fortunate five! Wonderful photo of you and your sisters! The meal looks scrumptious. We had a birthday brunch yesterday, but nothing as varied and tasteful as your sister's. Count your lucky stars. . .all five.

  8. Five beauties. (And a yummy way to celebrate!)

  9. What a beautiful get-together of sisters! Neat to see a photo of all five of you! Your sister sets a lovely table, and that cake looks delicious!