Friday, February 13, 2015


One of the two courses that I am taking (in March), as part of TCU's continuing education program a course on genealogy. A few year's ago, I spent a lot of time researching my "roots". I was especially interested in my Mother's side of the family.
Please excuse the quality of this photo.... I am still looking for a camera.

It is a line up, yes in one frame, of five generations!
 (l to r) Ann who lived in northern Mississippi   1821-1879
Julia 1860-1932 moved to Texas as a bride in 1880
Julia her daughter 1901-1994 Lived her entire life in a small town in north Texas
Lyda (my Mother) 1921-1998
That's me, and I am still here

Have researched your family history?


  1. I cherish my copy of this photo series with my picture added and I can't wait to give Hannah a copy of her own one day!

  2. You have did it for me, thanks

  3. Dearest Janey,
    That is quite lovely for having five generations in photographs! Yes, when I turned 50 I did receive a book which my 4th cousin did compile about our family tree, going back till 1650. Incredible to check it out and shocking to see how young they often passed away...
    Hugs and happy Valentine's Day!