Sunday, October 29, 2017

Being Sassy

I am taking several fun courses again at the local University, taught by volunteers.
The title of one of the courses intrigued me. Being Your Sassy Self. Turns out it is all about centering yourself and loving yourself more. One thing our instructor suggested to get out of our ruts, is to change things up. Like if you go for a walk, don't always walk in the same direction. Go the other way. I have shown you a lot of the mansions nearby, that are fun to walk by. ...but yesterday I went the other way.
 There are still some smaller homes around here, that have not been demolished to make way for mega mansions.
Most are small and have one story
and the majority seem to be lovingly cared for.
This one looked really old,
and this is one of the larger ones. Personality, I like that they are still here.Next time I walk, I may go in yet another direction. No telling what I may discover.


  1. Your sassy photos are very nice! I bet you not always went the same way to walk!

  2. These ones certainly do look well cared for.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Funny, our choir director (lady) keeps telling us over and over gain when we are studying our steps and movements: 'Be Sassy!' or 'Sass'...
    Loved your walk!

  4. I love these my friend! Do you ever go to the website, Princess sassy pants? If not, just do a google search and'll LOVE IT! Hugs!