Friday, October 13, 2017

The Lakes

After two fun filled beautiful days in Jasper, it was time to head south along the scenic Ice field Parkway of the most scenic drives in all of Canada, to our next destination Lake Louise.We walked on a glacier in the morning (previous post), and the afternoon consisted of stops at several scenic lakes.
This one which I believe is Warrior Lake had a great reflection of the mountains on it's calm surface.
We got to view Peyo Lake with it's unusual shape, from a really high vantage point.
Arriving at Bow Lake, our tour guide told us about an English trapper..Jimmy Simpson, who built a lodge here before Jasper became a Natl. Park. and it is still in the family. I guess if it can't be sold or it too becomes parkland.
Called the Num Ti Jah Lodge, I read that it is great (rustic) place to stay.
Next stop the glamorous Chateau at Lake Louise !


  1. Fantastic shots here and last few posts of the National Park Janey. Glorious reflections on the lake.. sounds like you are having a lot of busy fun these days 😊

  2. Following your trip with great interest. I stayed at the Num Ti Jah Lodge in 2015. It was a wonderful experience.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, you are really on a dream tour here. So glad you let us all in on this extraordinary beauty!
    The absolute calm lake looks surreal as surface...

  4. Beautiful lakes there and the colour is so special. That lodge must be great to be there a few days...

  5. Warrior Lake reflection photo is fantastic!

  6. sounds like you are having a lot of busy fun these days 😊


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