Tuesday, October 17, 2017

End of the Road

Sadly, it is time for the King and Queen to leave the castle.
We headed north to Calagary where we would catch our flights back to the U.S.A..
Calgary is cowboy country, so our last excursion  was a stop for a steak lunch at a very pretty ranch,
where our bus was met at the gate by these two friendly cowpokes.
While the steaks were on the grill, we were taken on a wagon ride through this beautiful forest.
This very real (and friendly), cowboy was giving all of the horses a drink prior to a trail ride.
Some of our guys even tried their skills at roping, while others were busy learning how to line dance.

Thanks for coming along with me. If you if get a chance to tour Western Canada, I can highly recommend it.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Oh, I certainly would love to go there as a tourist. We've worked in Calgary and in Vancouver but never got to do the fun things you did.
    Thanks for sharing with us this end of the road by the Queen & King from Chateau Lake Louise!

  2. Fun times and good memories Janey.. you will be glad to get home and take it easy for a while ☺

  3. I've really enjoyed these posts...you've been places I would love to visit. I've sat down with my IPAD and looked at your photos at length...and loved every minute! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Diane

  4. I enjoyed your tour through Canada and all the photos and funny texts!