Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Every once in awhile I think we all need to be pampered....and that is just where we have been...being pampered. As you may remember back in February we were headed to the Caribbean, but due to a family emergency we had to cancel. Well, the time draws near to head to our place in the mountains and poor Tom was still wanting to put his toes in the sand.
So, we headed over to Florida....where there is usually plenty of sunshine and always white beaches.
We were hoping that we had waited long enough not to have to share the beach with college kids on Spring Break.
Looks like we timed it right because it was very peaceful...with very few people. I think my favorite part of the trip was walking several miles on the beach every morning at sunrise.
It looks like it's a gray day...but the sun was just coming up, and no we do not know how to play chess
and obviously I haven't mastered this game either. My bags are the blue ones.
I could on the other hand, walk all day at the waters edge
watching the waves crash and the birds looking for a meal.
This pelican was so busy fishing that I had a hard time getting him to be still.
We did a couple of other fun things while on Longboat Key that I will post later..


  1. That looks very relaxed Janey, wonderful without all the crowds usually on our beaches.

  2. Time at the beach sounds like it did wonders for you.

  3. Nothing like walking by the sea to revive mind and body.

  4. It's snowing hard here as I write this, Janie and the wind is gusting. Your FL beach shots look better than CO at this point! Our snowpack is lower than normal, but spring storms seem to arrive every couple days. We leave next week for CA and the beach. I'm ready!

    1. Barb,

      I see that you still don't have comments open. I did look at your beautiful post though.As always amazing pictures...especially the fox and your words are like poetry. Have a wonderful trip and hope that you thaw out on the beach. Janey

  5. Sunset and sunrise were both my favourite times to wander on the beach too when we were on Anna Maria Island in Florida.

  6. What beautiful photos! I see a seashell I would like to pick up! heehee! I'm glad you had a good visit. We were at the beach this week and the weather was perfect and very few people. PERFECT all around! Hugs!

  7. I did the same thing in March; the ice and snow of Minnesota was too much and the week in Mazatlán was exactly what I needed to survive this winter.

  8. Looks amazing Janey, walking along the beach early in the morning is one of the best things ever!