Friday, May 4, 2018

The Collection

The current exhibit at Ft. Worth's Kimbell Museum is the extraordinary collection of Asian antiquities collected over a fifty year period by this couple.
Sam and Myrna Meyers, and American couple, found themselves living in Paris in 1966.
They happened into a small antique shop in a small town in Switzerland one day, according to Sam to escape a downpour, and met the shop owner, who enthusiastically educated them of how available ancient antiquities were to collect..
 A young Myrna in front of their Paris shop that housed their collection
The chance encounter fueled what became a life long quest which ended with this couple, then of modest means, collecting over 5,000 pieces of what has become the richest all-encompassing private collection of Asian objects in the world.
Making it's debut at The Kimbell (first time in the US) are 4,000 pieces of that collection.
I was surprised at the variety of the objects
and would suggest a visit if the exhibit comes to a city near you.


  1. What they did was just astonishing! I would love to see this exhibit in person. Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  2. An incroyable collection, would have been such a treat to see ✨

  3. Amazing amount of collected items!

  4. I notice genealogy is one of your interests. It's one of mine too. Myrna Myers was my first cousin. Her maiden name was Norwitz and she grew up in Philadelphia where her father, my mother's brother, had a deli. She was 27 years old in 1966. She passed away in 2012.