Thursday, July 19, 2018

Coming Home

This little mining town in Colorado was a bit late getting train service. A branch of the Denver Rio Grande arrived here in 1899. 
This is a poster (of ours) of that little train coming into town. There was a very high bridge over the river logically called the high bridge. If you look closley you can see the passengers out enjoying the view. The last train pulled out of here in the early thirtys. Several years ago the town located the caboose and restored it.
Well now they have found another car. They could tell by the number on it, which matched up with old photos, that is was on the last train that pulled out of here. Passenger loads had dropped back then so they made the car a combination passenger/cargo. It has been delivered to our museum and will be restored, and from what I hear will be a costly project.


  1. It sounds like a worthwhile restoration project.

  2. Oh that is nice they found it and can restore it.