Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Wildlife

On my previous post I shared some of the wild flowers that we saw when driving our guests through the San Juan Mountains on a jaunt hoping to spot wildlife.
We did spot a large herd of sheep. While these are not really wild life, they are free to roam the hills
guarded only by a couple of (very smart) dogs and one sheep herder who lives all summer in a small trailer.
At one of the four lakes of Deer Lakes. I spotted a Golden Mantle Squirrel eating a flower,
and I hesitate to even show you this blurry zoom of what you may think is a dog but is actually a beaver. We will be out investigating again soon as we have more guests arriving today.


  1. The little squirrel has the markings of a chipmunk, but that tail is too long.

  2. That beaver does look like a dog. Glad you told me otherwise.

  3. How neat to see the beaver! He looks like he was moving fast! Enjoy your afternoon!

  4. I took a photo of what I thought was a chipmunk in Sri Lanka, but now I realise that it is very similar to your squirrel as it has the longer tail. In Sri Lanka it is apparently called a Palm squirrel.

    1. I know I am always referring to them as a chipmunk..then I found out what they were.

  5. That must be a lonely job to be a sheep herder in the mountains. Nice pics.