Thursday, July 5, 2018


I spoke of the flowers on our recent trip to Santa Fe.
I think that the Adobe walls make the perfect backdrop for flowers. This is the corner of my niece's apartment. Some sort of plant with blue berries was growing up the walls.
On the short  walk to town there were several yards with Holley Hocks.
There were however many more patches of Russian Sage
It must be easy to grow in the dry dessert climate, so I am thinking of planting some on the east side of our cabin. Another bonus is that the deer don't like them. I understand that not matter what season you visit Santa Fe, there will be some sort of flower blooming.


  1. The plant looks rather like the S. American Berberis darwinii which was discovered by Darwin on his voyage. It has little orange flowers before the berries arrive.

  2. They look lovely especially the colour of that last one.

  3. A lovely post. I have only recently come across sage and if they are pretty hardy, then I'm all in. Not having a natural green thumb I need all the help I can get.

  4. Lovely to see these :)

    All the best Jan