Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Playing Nurse


I have whole a new found respect for nurses.
Nursing my hubby who has a new hip has been a full time job.

Joined all five of my sisters and their families for a wonderful Easter dinner. My niece Kristin made her delicious cookies.

I did get out for a walk early this morning which always lifts my spirits.

It is beginning to look like Spring here. Japanese Snowball bush beside the guard shack of a billionaires estate.

A pretty pot has a bit more character from the cold weather.

Our Pyracantha Vine looks like it will not sprout out. The extreme cold was just too cold for it.

We are going to replant and hope it will once again look like this.


  1. I was wondering how much nursing was going to be necessary. When my friend had her hip replaced last fall, she had to have quite a bit of help for the first few weeks. She and I just went to Tucson last weekend and she's all healed up and as good as new.
    Love those gorgeous cookies.

  2. Hopefully the recovery process gets smoother as time goes along.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Happy for the Easter get together!
    Sending best wishes for your husband’s recovery and your nursing job.

  4. Tom Is Bionic Now - Right On - He Will Be So Much Better Off - Good On You As Well - Big Hugs


  5. Hope Tom will recover soon, wish him all the best. I got my vaccination invitation at last, end of the month the first injection and in May the second one!
    Hubby is a few days earlier than me.