Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Pretty Weather

We have had gorgeous weather lately, but 

 what  is probably our last cold front of the season is blowing in this morning.

So we got out early for our walk.Tom who had a hip replacement has graduated from a walker...which he detested to a cane. He didn’t want a cane either with so he is using a putter.

. .His goal is to get back on the golf course as soon as possible so I guess using a putter is  not such a bad idea. Although as much as he is walking he may need a new one. Wait! Is that my putter?


  1. Beautiful light in this shot Janey, sounds like Tom will be enjoying a round of golf fairly soon 😉

  2. Wonderfully lit.

    We have a bit of snow in the forecast here.

  3. Glad to hear Tom is doing well, but to play golf must be a challenge...

  4. So glad he's getting around better.