Thursday, July 29, 2021

Waterfalls Burgers and Mines

 It is always a treat to show our guests around out little corner of Colorado.

Colorado has many waterfalls. Some are a bit over commercialized, making you pay not only an entrance fee but for parking as well.

The most famous falls in our county is North Clear Creek Falls. It is only 1/2 mile off of the little highway between  Lake City, CO and Creede. There is paved paved parking, a nice restroom, picnic tables and guardrails and all for free. It was our first stop with our guests, but I was eager to show them a nearby waterfall that is a bit hidden.

Less than a mile down the road and tucked away behind a small campground is South Clear Creek Falls, where you  are allowed to hike down a short trail to the bottom of the falls.Those are our guests trekking down. You would never know it is there as there isn’t any visible signage on the road.

Next stop was the small town of Creede where there  are  still remnants of the booming mining town it was. Creede is a popular tourist town in the summer so the rstaurants were swamped.

So we headed back toward Lake City and stopped at our favorite General Store.
It a real trip back in time,

where you can get a delicious grilled hamburger ,

not to mention where their $2 single dip  ice cream cones that  always  includes two scoops.

It ended up being their favorite days here.


  1. Beautiful waterfalls! Its a shame with the ones you have to pay both parking and entrance fee to see. Natural beauty like waterfalls should be free in my opinion, but then of course here in Arizona you have to pay to get into the Grand Canyon.

    Lovely town of Creede. I can see why it would be a favorite spot for tourists. I try to avoid eating a lot of sweets to maintain my weight, but I would have to get that $2 ice cream cone! What a bargain!


  2. The waterfalls are spectacular Janey, your visitors would have enjoyed this trip and the icecream, looks delish and two scoops for $2 is a good deal 🍦

  3. This sounds like a great tour around the area. The waterfalls are beautiful and the ice cream looks delicious.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Your guests are so blessed for having you as special and knowledgeable tour guides for the region!
    Precious waterfalls and for being able to hike down to it.
    The General Store is also a great visit back in time with some sweet treats.

  5. I would enjoy all those places on your visitors'tour. That ice cream looks very tasty.