Friday, September 10, 2021

Going in a Circle

 Yesterday morning, we decided that we had grown weary of packing so we headed out for a long drive.


Starting at the bottom of the map, we headed north
on  Hwy 149, turning west on hwy 50 at the Blue Mesa Reservoir,

before heading north again on 92 along the north rim of the Black Canyon (a National Park).

We stopped in the tiny town of Crawford for a cup of coffee (which  isn’t on the map ).
It is located just  south of Hotchkiss and only has about 400 residents.

It appears to me that they have consolidated their whole downtown!

We took a shortcut from Crawford up to Paonia a town full of apple and peach orchards, and even a few vineyards.
We had originally planned to head to Redstone,  but  decided to turn east on Kebler Pass and head back…actually going in a circle. Kebler Pass is a dirt road but one worth taking. The views are spectacular,

 with a lot of Aspen trees which are a favorite of mine.

Oops..what is this? Excuse me, we need to get by! Around here you just patiently wait until livestock decides to move over. Kind of an unwritten law that they always have the right of way.

That horse actually belonged to a Sheperd  ..Yes they also graze sheep along Kebler Pass.

Kebler Pass ends at the cute ski town of Crested Butte. From there  hwy 135 will take you south to Gunnison (where we go weekly in the summer for groceries).
If you have followed the map we have circled around and will take Hwy 149 south back to Lake City….where we really do need to get back to packing!


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Taking a dirt road in Colorado is easier than here in Georgia where one often can get stuck in the mud... No fun and we always avoid them when biking.
    That was a very beautiful circle you rode with lots of sight seeing. Interesting town of 400 with the laundromat and showers being offered (at least on that sign).
    A different pace of life and it is good at times for living it for a moment!
    It sure gave you a perfect break from the packing.

  2. So pretty! Thank you for sharing your ride with us!! Spectacular scenery!!.

    Oh the "fun" of packing. It is such a tedious chore!


  3. The locals know where to find the best scenery.

  4. What a lovely drive. I love a good road trip and this one looks like it had a lot to offer, spectacular scenery and quaint little towns. And the occasional animal to make things exciting.

  5. Good to have a diversion from the arduous task of packing. Great scenic views on your circular tour.

  6. Must be SO hard to leave those beautiful countryside views. I was shocked to read your news while catching up on blogs last week…always seemed so perfect to have a place to go to when our tortuous weather temps break us down…
    I’ve been dying for aspen or white birch tree limbs to decorate with but alas,as you know, aren’t any of those around here in TX/Loosiaana territory!!!
    Safe travels and nice to know you won’t have to do the usual mew move work when you get back down here!!