Monday, September 6, 2021

Ice Festival

 I have spent a lot of time explaining and showing you what goes on in this little mountain town in the summer. ….but what goes on in the winter? Well there are hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails, a small but fun downhill ski hill, Phil keeps the movie theater open, there are game nights for the locals and the restaurants take turns being open.

Well…what is this?
Yes they even have an Ice Climbing Festival the first week of February.

Cross over that little bridge on the right,

and you will be facing a shear wall of a cliff  on the other side of Henson Creek.

They turn on water faucets at the top 
of the Cliff…flooding it to form ice and the competition  begins!

Climbers wear shoes similar to this,

and using a pick like this, up they go, hopefully with a safety harness.

Surely they don’t do this at night…
Although I did locate this neat picture!
Have you ever done ice climbing?  Maybe it would be fun to be a spectator….not sure..


  1. It doesn't sound like my kind of sport. Hope you had a good summer, Janey!

  2. Dearest Janey,
    That must be very challenging and you have to love the cold ice for holding onto.
    Would not risk to break again my pelvic bone...
    In general I love all things involved with warm weather.

  3. How interesting that they make the ice! Sounds like a fun festival for the young :) Though it would be fun to watch the climbers ascend!

    Neat how they have winter activities too in that charming town :)


  4. Interesting sport, but not for me...:)