Friday, September 3, 2021

Ever Seen A Yak?

 First of all I want to thank everyone for the kind remarks on my previous blog…I have decided to keep blogging. It….and most of you have been a bit part of my life for the last ten plus years 💕 So it is difficult to give it up.

Okay back to Yaks. For years we have been driving past a pasture full of Yaks just as we arrive in Gunnison, CO., which is a trip we make almost weekly to the grocery store. I was hoping some of them would be near the road when we passed today,

but they weren’t. 

So this is what they look like.

Meet the Tooles. They own the Bar T Ranch just west of Gunnison, CO.
Seems they don’t mind tourists  stopping by to see their Yaks  ….Now I find this out!
So if you would like to know more about why they have been raising Yaks for seven years now go HERE


  1. They are impressive and a bit to big to hugg..:)

  2. Dearest Janey,
    What a great source of healthy and lean meat and even better than chicken breasts or salmon in their Omega 3. People ought to educate themselves better and this video was very educational.
    Not so competitive for having cats or dogs near them...
    Thanks for your interesting and educational post.

  3. I haven't seen a yak. They kind of remind me of buffalo. I'll have to go back and watch the video when I have a bit more time.

    Glad you will still be blogging :)


  4. Well, that was interesting. I had no idea yaks were being raised here in the states. They would certainly be fun to see.