Monday, September 13, 2021

Twenty Five Percent Chance of Rain

 We were chased home yesterday morning (from our walk) by a sudden rain. I was hoping to take some pictures of the changing leaves.

 There was only a twenty five per cent chance of showers….let me tell you it was quite a shower!

Turned into a whole day of occasional downpours.

So I took a picture out the window thinking it would show the changing color of the Aspen trees…not sure that worked though. The flowers are  for the  new  owners who are arriving Wednesday about noon. We 
are departing early morning, so I guess we will pass on the road.We sold the house furnished…which made them very happy, and much easier for us.

We had gone back to the mundane chore of packing when our new neighbors down the hill stopped by to say goodbye and brought us a loaf of sourdough bread. Not only was I pleased by the visit and the bread…but I was astonished that she has already learned to bake at this high altitude (nearly 9,000 feet)!  I love when people feel comfortable enough to just drop by, and gosh we had a nice visit.

Later I glanced out and saw clearing skies and a pretty sunset…not a bad day after all, and maybe this morning we  can finish that walk.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    wishing you good luck for your walk today!
    Love the pictures you took through the window. A kind of bittersweet feeling for you... leaving such beauty behind.
    You certainly did well by selling the house furnished.
    That new neighbor indeed mastered the adjustment to the baking at high altitude!
    Sweet action though and indeed, very pleasant to have such a visit.
    It adds all up to the fond memories.
    Wishing you the very best for your traveling day, approaching soon.

  2. I hope your week goes well. It's so nice you sold the furniture with the house...makes it SO much easier. I'm wishing you well. LOVE seeing the trees and colors!

  3. Your move has come around very quickly. At least you don't have the problem of moving or disposing of unwanted furniture. Good luck for Wednesday.

  4. It would be nice to have on last walk. 9000ft is serious altitude. I've climbed over 11000 ft. a couple of times and it was tough when you're not used to it.

  5. You are probably on the road as I'm reading this. Safe travels! Beautiful sky in these photos.