Wednesday, September 8, 2021


 A big part of the appeal of this area of Colorado is it is a great area for going 4wheeling. That is traveling  around the mountains in a vehicle that has 4wheel drive.

 The area highlighted in blue on the map is called The Alpine Loop. This is a very rugged dirt road through the mountains with one lane traffic in places, and no guardrail. Notice Lake City in the top right hand corner.

It is not for the faint of heart….meaning me. People are getting in and out of their cars constantly to take pictures. . So the local FaceBook page usually has items people have found along the way like sunglasses, wallets, cameras.etc

Yesterday someone found a Border Collie  wandering around up there  alone. So, like a Good Samaritan he brought it down and posted a picture hoping to find its owner.

What he didn’t know is since most of the Alpine Loop is public land it is used by ranchers as summer grazing land for their sheep.

Yep…the dog belonged to the sheep herder and was supposed to be guarding the sheep not  hitching a ride down  the mountain with a stranger.

Oh well…doggie made it back up the mountain and all is well.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, that doggie had its adventure, driving down with someone.
    What a life for a sheep herder to be there all by himself + doggie.

  2. Oh, how cute! Glad he got reunited with his owner and back on sheep patrol! That trail would not be for my liking but I bet it does produce beautiful scenery!


  3. That made me laugh out loud. It sounds like that dog got fed up with the work and decided on a little vacation.

  4. If it had been a Poodle, a dashund, or something similar I could understand someone removing it. But it is very well known that Border Collies herd and mind flocks of sheep.