Thursday, June 30, 2022

Yay or Nay?

 Back when we built our townhouse we decided to put in a strip of artificial grass in our courtyard. We wanted something low maintenance and didn’t need mowing. 

We have been very pleased with our choice…I know, I could use some flowers!

I have been noticing about town, or at least in our neighborhood that folks are now installing fake grass or turf in their front yards. Here is an example where two neighbors did. It is a shame that they didn’t pick the same color. I think the one on the left looks more real. Would you ever consider doing this?


  1. Dearest Janey,
    Well, I've been impressed with my best friend Ellie's garden. She got some patches of real–looking fake grass! Incredible. But for our huge size it would not work.
    The different color in your above picture looks so odd. Indeed, the left is the most natural looking.

  2. Yes but only because in Arizona with our water limits, it is necessary to make landscaping concessions. And, the turf looks better than the gravel and rock yards in most cases.

  3. Not for us - all of our lawns are far too big for fake grass.
    I would consider it if I had a townhouse without a garden but a balcony, then I would probably place some on it.

  4. No I wouldn't use that in my garden, I don't have even grass in it, only a lot of green growing wild...

  5. Not for me but these days it is hard to tell the difference with some of these fake lawns.