Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Home Again Home Again

Although it still doesn't feel like home

We got within twenty minutes of the house and the highway was blocked by an accident. So, we exited and tried to find another way. But, we don't know the area very well. Man, to be so close and to be lost. Every time we typed our address into the GPS it kept trying to direct us back to the highway.

Time to get unpacked and organized. We are actually headed to Houston this next weekend. Tom has  dental surgery that was already scheduled before we moved .We will stay with friends. Three of my girlfriends have gotten together and sent out invitations to a goodbye party for me. They said I slipped out of town without properly saying goodbye. Should be fun...I shall give a full report.

Oh and there really was a groom!
Stacy and Matt called about noon today from Miami, they were changing planes for a flight to Belize ......then a ferry to a small island for a week where they have announced they will unplug all of their electronics...for a well deserved rest.

Great Wedding You Two!


  1. Hope she is wonderfully and marvelously happy. Hope Tom does well with his teeth.

  2. just awesome for the newlyweds. good luck w/ the dental surgery trip! yuck!

  3. Glad that you made it home safely!

  4. That must be strange indeed, to think you are home again, but it isn't home (yet) And now to Houston again, busy, busy life. The married couple look gorgious. You must be so proud to have a new member of the family, a son at last, after all the daughters, ha,ha.