Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Neighbor

Our downstairs neighbor in the guesthouse (duplex) where we are living, is a concert pianist. It is a real treat every afternoon when he plays (around 5pm). The lovely music drifting up through the floor. Clark was a finalist several times in the Van Cliburn Competition.. So, we were delighted to attend his  recent performance at Steinway Hall, where he preformed Bach's beloved Goldberg Variations. Seen here, playing on one of Van Cliburn's actual touring pianos. We were both amazed that he played for at least and hour with no music in front of him.

Clark sits on an exercise ball instead of a piano bench. I think I heard it referred to a a musical sphere. ;) 

We Need A Home Update
Decided to get what we want in the inner city. Found the perfect custom builder...and an even more perfect lot of land. Told him on Thursday at noon that we would sleep on it. (think it over over-night) . Called on Friday and the lot had been sold by his partner Thursday afternoon (we had not ask him to hold it). Looked at the three other possible lots they have, and didn't like any of them. Grrr....this is getting frustrating....


  1. That is to bad about the house... Have you finaly made up your mind without succes. At least you can enjoy the piano recitels at "home" a bit longer.

  2. Oh wow, seems like you have to act real quick, what a shame you lost it, but am sure you will find something equally good. How lucky to be serenaded each evening.. Btw I'm sitting on an exercise ball ( we call them fit balls) right now :)

  3. oh, so sorry about the lot loss!!! wasn't meant to be, then...

    concert pianist for a neighbor could be pleasant / could be irritating if you napped. :)

  4. Hang in there; something wonderful will come up, and in the meantime you'll have the pleasure of listening to your talented neighbor/musician!