Friday, March 15, 2013

The Mural

There is a street here in Ft. Worth  named Magnolia. It has been revitalized and has many restaurants, coffee shops, gift and art galleries housed in mostly one storied redone old store fronts. We went to a cute little Italian restaurant (Momma Mia's) there one night last week....It  was just getting dark and I saw a whole army of young adults tiling this wall. I am not sure what exactly the scene is or if they are even finished (I went back in the daytime to take this). I figured that they all had day jobs and could only work on it in the evening?

*update...Several days ago I posted a picture of a painting by Robert Elsocht that I wasn't sure what it was. Well, my sister is in contact with the owner and she said to look for an envelope attached to the back (Kate actually suggested I look there).for it contained the provenance.  The painting according to the records is titled The Chasm, which is an opening in the earth. So, you were all correct!
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  1. cool that you found the envelope on the painting!

    i like that hummingbird in the mural.

  2. I don't know why but murals always fascinate me.


  3. I enjoy this one because of bright colors!