Monday, March 25, 2013

The Loniest Place in Town

We all demand them. Excerise rooms in motels and hotels....but have you noticed that they are always empty? There seem to  be people in the health clubs at home...using this equipment...but for some reason not on the road...or at least the roads I travel.

I think maybe people are hoping to connect with new friends in their own hometowns...but on the road they just want to shower and sleep! Not sure why I am pondering this...but I am.

We left Charlotte, NC yesterday morning, but the weather was awful, pouring rain. So, we only made it to Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Home of the University of Alabama). We will have a nine or ten hour drive today to Ft. Worth. But, the weather has improved we go....and yes, without a workout!
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  1. Did you use the room you photographed? Silly question. When we travel with our dog, we stay in very inexpensive (read cheap) motels so I seldom see a workout room. We arrive in time for dinner somewhere, tumble into bed, and rise with the dawn for an early start. That's exercise enough for me.

  2. I don't like these rooms at all, I walk and cycle in the fresh open air. In hotels, I like to watch foreign television channals and lay down on beds I haven't at home.

  3. be safe!!

    (my husband uses the workout rooms in motels a lot).

  4. Maybe everyone wants a vacation from the gym when they are away from home. I know I do! I'm glad the weather picked up for you. We still have snow! :(