Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quality Hill

While touring around Ft. Worth, Texas this place stopped me in my tracks. Seems there was a whole neighborhood of these mansions, at the turn of the twentieth century, in an area that was called Quality Hill. This one was actually built in 1899 for the widow of a Galveston Banker,Sarah Ball 1825-1904. The house then sold to William Eddlemann in 1904......who in 1921 gave the home to his daughter Carrie. Carrie McFarland was the wife of wealthy cattleman. She lived here for seventy five years.

The house is open for tours and may be leased for events, wedding, banquets, etc. There is something about these wonderful old Queen Anne mansions...that make me wish I would have lived in that era.Then I remember that there was no air conditioning (and this is TEXAS).....also no computers. cell phones...etc etc.

See the little bird on the historical plaque? I think he is enjoying the view too :)


 Remember the group photo we all took in Arizona...hoping to get it in our little Colorado newspaper?
Well, it worked .....copy of the paper:)


  1. These houses look very nice. Didn't know you had those in your country.You hardly see them in magazines or what so ever. If you could live there....

  2. I can see why it got your attention Janey, all those chimneys! I can so see the wedding pictures :)

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  4. those homes are just amazing - texas 'castles'. :)

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    1. I hate to do that...since I have several friends and family that come in as anonymous. if it keeps up maybe I will just have to preview comments? Me oh my...why do some folks feel the need to goof things up??!!

  6. Thanks for the! Those homes/mansions are no longer practical. St. Paul has an entire street (Summit Ave) filled with them, historical and beautiful, but now serving many different purposes: condos, fraternal organizations, historical museums, and language schools to name a few.