Sunday, September 7, 2014

Another Hike

We had friends arrive from Houston this week, so we went on a hike with them yesterday.
It was Williams Creek Trail ,which is classified as an easy hike. I had done it many times, but not in the last ten years....and I swear it has gotten a lot more difficult
You have a couple of water crossings , which are not too difficult, especially with my Tom offering to pull you across with his hiking stick...
and there are always hazards across to go around.
We had forgotten that it was bow season, and we met these Elk Hunters on the trail. We really should have had on our bright orange vests.
The vegetation along the trail reminding you that Fall is on the way
The Aspen just have little hints of gold.
We reach our destination, where we ate the lunches we had packed. This is the Williams Creek Beaver pond. It seems that some sort of grass has almost completely taken it over. We need a moose up here to eat this stuff!
The Beaver Dam at the north end of the pond 

If you didn't see the views on the way up...they are hard to miss on the way down.

Now you have hiked Williams Creek!


  1. You must stay pretty trim with all the hiking that you do. Scenery in first and last photo is beautiful.

    1. You would think so Kate. As one of my friends here said to her Doctor, who was concerned about her cholesterol. "It's been a cream cheese summer".

  2. just beautiful! stay safe out there!

  3. You are hiking your way around there, I feel a bit uncomfortable sitting here with my computer... I better have a walk or two, three...

  4. I enjoyed it very much Janey and guess what, I don't even feel as stiff as I did after the City to Surf last weekend :) Stunning views.