Thursday, September 4, 2014

Technical Difficulty

I couldn't believe it! It was a first time for me. I was walking past an alley downtown (we have interesting alleys, by the way.) when I saw them.....A mother doe and TRIPLETS!
I whipped out my little camera, and starting shooting. Although, I had a strange feeling that nothing was happening. Then, I realized there was a message across my LCD screen. It said:  MEMORY CARD FULL or something like that. I quickly erased a couple of pictures....but the little family didn't wait. I promise you there is a third fawn behind that dumpster. Me oh my!
Have you ever missed a good shot ? :(


  1. I believe you! Lucky you to see that family.

  2. I have missed good shots and that perfect shot due to something like this, but your got a great one of this cute deer family. How wonderful to just come across this, lucky you :)

  3. How exciting!!! I'm glad you erased some from your SD card so you could share the excitement!!

    And...your post below sister lives near the San Juans. Her house [patio deck and windows] is facing those jagged beauties!!!

  4. They are totally adorable! and yes I've missed too many fabulous shots to mention! All requiring a camera to be ready and tied around the neck at all times!
    Bloggers always, have a camera with them. Well. supposed to!
    This find must have been a real thrill Janey!

  5. But you got them in the end. What a story!