Saturday, September 6, 2014

Our Morning Walk

A couple of times a week hubby and I drive the three miles out to Lake San Cristobal for a morning walk
We park south of the Lake, on this dirt road, and walk north
I like walking from the south end, because it is closer to where this Bald Eagle sits in his favorite dead tree looking for his breakfast in the shallows.

click on photo to enlarge
Look closely and you will see a little fawn in the bushes

This is the marshy area we have been walking beside. It is teaming with wildlife.
A little further along, and you can see part of our lake. We have walked a little over two miles. 
Thanks for coming along! 

*I apologize for the quality of some of the shots. I just enjoyed this walk and thought you would too!



  1. Wellll, this is the kind of place I should be having a holiday!
    I enlarged the photo, then put on my best and newest glasses, leant closer until my nose was almost touching the screen and still I can't see those ducks enjoyin' the sunshine!
    I found the sweet fawn easily enough. Oh the scenery!! :)

    1. Actually Rose, you are correct. They were not very visible. I removed that shot. Not sure what I was thinking :)

  2. wow...what a beautiful place to have a nice walk.
    Come back by when you have time as I'm having a Fall Candle Giveaway....:)

  3. Yes I see the ducks and the fawn :) P would be in heaven to have a walk with spectacular views like this Janey, me too. You can take us along anytime you like..

  4. In the top photo, it looks like the clouds are lining up just for your photo and the reflection in the bottom shot is terrific.

  5. No way, these photos are wonderful. What a great place for any time of the day too!

  6. So nice to see the wildlife there. the last picture is again worth for a calendar!