Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Party is Over

Well, I hate to do this, but it is time to go home. We are packing and closing up our cabin, in the mountains, and headed back to Texas for the winter. I know it is a little early, but we have a lot to do in our new home there...and no that is not a's a Ukulele.

We pack most of our clothing in zippered blanket bags. They hold a lot more than suitcases, and are easy to put in the pod on top of the car.

All liquids are gathered, and put in tubs on the breakfast table. The sun pours in these south windows all winter, and keeps them from freezing. If they do freeze and burst, they are in plastic tubs.  We use to put them all in the basement bathroom, and left the baseboard heat on, just in that one room. It cost us about $44.00 a month for months. We finally wised up, and did the math. It would be cheaper to buy all new liquids! All electricity now goes off....and water. The whole place is winterized.
So that it is easier to put away when I get back. I put a colored post- its on each item.
Then you can refer to the chart as to where everything goes. A friend stopped by yesterday, when I was doing this. A very artistic friend, who obviously thinks from a different side of the brain than I do. She looked at me and said. "I wish I didn't know this about you" .

So friends. I am taking a break until  we arrive in Texas

We are migrating like the birds.....Hope to see you soon....Janey


  1. You are so well organized, amazing. I am curious how you will expierience your new home. Do youstill remember how it looks like? Have a save trip home.

  2. have a great trip back to Texas! your really do live the 'best of both worlds life'

  3. Your friend's comment is a hoot! Visit my blog today and you'll see how organized I am!! When you first posted photos of your blanket bags a year or more ago, I immediately went to a container shop and bought two of the very largest for our winter trip to Santa Fe in our SUV, which also carries our old, loyal dog who takes up the entire back seat of the car. Well, I outsmarted myself. The largest bags were really too heavy for us to carry and soon one of them tore open at a side seam. They now reside in our walk-up attic and contain blankets!! Live and learn!!