Monday, September 1, 2014

One More Egg

This beautiful summer camp sits  exactly ten miles north of  little Lake City, CO..
It was the Benson Ranch back in the early 20th century, and our little narrow gauge train ran right in front of it (1889 to 1933) I mentioned on a previous blog.
I also mentioned that Pete, pictured above, was an engineer on that train for forty four years; thirty three years on  our Lake City Branch. It was common knowledge that Pete would stop and pick up fisherman along the Lake Fork River, and give them a ride home.
*Pete's grandson, on his maternal line, visited our town with his wife recently, and told another story. Seems Mrs. Benson raised chickens on that ranch. Pete would stop the train, and pick up eggs to deliver to our town. One day she was one egg short, of filling up one of those cartons,when she heard the train coming up the valley. Pete patiently waited, halting the little train smack dab in front of the ranch... until one of the chickens laid one more egg.

*portions of this article were reprinted from a recent issue of the Silverworld newspaper.


  1. A wonderful human interest story! That's the kind of world we all should be able to live in!

  2. Love trains and love the one more egg story! You should link this up to Rubbish today.

  3. A great post! This is such a beautiful area. I loved the story how the train driver used to pick up fisherman for a ride home.

  4. Ha,ha, that is a funny story, can you imagine a whole train waiting!