Thursday, January 19, 2017


I mentioned in a previous post that the vine that trails on the brick wall on our patio is sick. I asked the landscapers to replace it, but they ask for a chance to heal it. It made me think of our throw away society. Some are so quick to toss things out instead of repairing them....and I guess I was about to be guilty of that.
It also made me think of my mood. I am feeling a bit wilted about the change of Presidents tomorrow. I have a couple of friends who are delighted about it ...and I just for the life of me I cant see why? I do cherish their friendships and hope that this will not devide us like I see happening in this country like never before.
Don't worry I am not going to go put plastic on my head. I am going to try to be the best me I can be and hope for the best...Janey


  1. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for your lovely plant Janey, but I think that it needs a bit more than crossed fingers for your country following tomorrow. Your anxiety is also shared here - may we be proved wrong.

  2. Hopefully the plant recovers.

    Usually one can hope for the best in regards to tomorrow, but in this case, expecting the worst is much more realistic.

  3. I fully understand your feelings, must be confusing to be amongst people with other ideas. The world holds its breath here too for the future.

  4. That's all you can do Janey. Never before has someone caused so much division. I would be the first to admit being wrong if he does a good job, unfortunately it seems very unlikely. I hope your vine makes a full recovery 😊

  5. Your new President is going to have an impact on the whole world which terrifies many of us. Leaving the EU has divided friends and family here.