Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Orange Box

Happy New Year!
I guess all of you are doing what you usually do in January. Getting organized and making promises to yourself...called resolutions. I stopped doing  that (the resolution part), some time ago since I came to the realization that they were more than likely promises I would have trouble keeping. At this time of year I do try to bring some sort of order to my life, meaning I usually go through my orange box and search out cards that need updating.
Yep, that is it. The little recipe looking box that although it is white, will forever be Mom's Orange Box. It's predecessor was actually orange (circa 1970), but the lid of that box snapped off years ago. I know everyone else puts their addresses in their computer....and if you are under probably have that list on your phone.Why not an address book like everyone else you ask ?
 Well, I like this system where I can simply give you a new card if necessary. Although, I did go to a big box store recently and ask a "young" clerk where the index cards were? Honestly, she had no idea what I was talking about. Things are changing so fast....sometimes it scares me...

Tell me what your January rituals are.


  1. Happy new year Janey, I have a phone book but the numbers change all the time and it's a bit of a mess ☺

  2. I tend to have contact information in my email folders, as well as written copies, but they're not that well organized!

  3. I didn't make any new year goals or resolution.
    I guess I'm bad.
    Coffee is on

  4. A happy New Year to you too Janey, I recognize your administration, I have a little booklet with adresses, yours looks very professional like an office. I went to the bookstore to buy some correspondance cards. They don't have that anymore either. Nobody is writing anymore apparently!