Monday, January 16, 2017

The Parking Garage

I had an appointment this week that required that I park in a parking garage. I am not a fan of this method of parking your car, but living in the city I find more and more it is my only choice.. This one (at my doctor's office), is not really that intimidating, except that is is generally pretty full. 
On this particular day I had to circle all the way to the third level to find a spot. I was hoping to find one before level 4 which is the open roof top, and it was raining. I did find a space on level three, and the nice thing about the garage, in inclement weather, is that you can take the elevator to an underground pedestrian tunnel linking you to  the building across the street where the doctor's offices are located.
To help remind you what level you left your car on, they have murals depicting scenes from our town of Fort Worth, Texas.Level 3 shows the twice daily longhorn cattle drive down Exchange Street in our famous Stockyards.
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  1. That is a great find Janey, I have never seen a mural in a parking garage.

  2. That's rather a fabulous way to remember which floor you parked on Janey, here it's simply level l, 2 etc. I like your way so much better :)