Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Hard Freeze

In Late December we had a hard freeze in North Texas....down to 12 degrees (-11 C).
Despite the freeze, I was still shocked to see the state of our Pyracantha vine on our brick wall in the courtyard. It looked very stressed.
Have a closer look, and you can see that the beautiful berries are dead. My first thought was that it died because of the freeze....but not so.
Just a few feet away the same vine, in the front yard, is still healthy and colorful.
We immediately called our landscaping crew. They said the one that is dead, got stressed during the summer and never really recovered. So, we asked for new plants, even though it has taken over two years to almost fill out the wall. Instead, they have talked us into letting them strip the leaves and berries off, and put it behind plastic to see if it will come back in Spring. It is going to look ugly out there...but I am hoping it works! 
I will give you an update..


  1. All fingers and toes crossed for you as it is such a lovely feature - I have a good feeling that it will work, and new shoots will appear in the spring.

  2. It sure has pretty red berries! Hope you get it trained the way you want! Have a nice weekend!

  3. You even had more frost weather than here. Hope your berries will survive!