Monday, December 11, 2017

Cabin Fever

We have been experiencing a cold spell here in Texas and it has kept us indoors. Over coffee yesterday mine and my husband's conversation went like this: Tom: Wouldn't you like to go back to Hawaii? Me: Yes, someday. Tom a few minutes later: Let's go play golf in North Carolina after Christmas. Me: Tom it is cold in North Carolina in January. Tom: How about Florida? Yep, he's got cabin fever.
So, I suggested we go out north of town to a nature park and take a walk. Yes, it was cold and Tom has on shorts... but that is another whole story.
The park runs along one side of the west fork of the Trinity River.
I of course was concerned about this trail marker. I figured it was warning us that there were rats ahead. Tom explained that it was only indicating that we were on deer mouse trail.

This first part of the two mile hike, you could see the river through the trees.

There is not a lot of color in the woods this time of year, so the green cactus caught my eye
as did the pretty green moss on rocks and trees here and there
but  mostly there was just tall dead grasses on the trail,
and I am not sure what this plant use to be?
Occasionally, I did spot some colorful leaves...mostly on the ground.
At the end of our walk we toured the Nature Center Museum.This room was definitely a place children would be fascinated by. You could pick up and examine all sorts of things that you might encounter on a walk through the woods,
and this was fun. ...Yes we stuck our hands in. A bone was inside.
There were also furs to touch
and tracks to identify. Well, you get the idea....we got out of the house, got some exercise and learned a few things.
Tell me about your cure for cabin fever?


  1. Ours would be the same...get outside in nature. I hope we get to hike one day this week. We had a cold weekend too and I saw my neighbor on her bike wearing a long sleeve shirt and capris! lol People wear shorts here year round so tell your hubby to come on down! heehee! Do you 'touch' things on that table. I never like to...I'm such a sissy! Holiday hugs!

  2. A lovely place for a ramble!

    Your idea of cold is very different from mine!

  3. There is enough to see around, you don't have to go to Florida for that.

  4. You made me smile Janey 😊 you two did very well to amuse yourselves in such a healthy, active way ☺

  5. Dearest Janey,
    Well, I'm like Tom... when the lawn turns a dreary brown in late fall, not even yet winter! But we're off to Florida in 12 days for some green and some more sunshine.
    Walking and biking here when the wind blows at times very cold and when the temps drop, is not much fun!
    Today I did not bike as I had shampooed my hair an don't want to catch a cold and also as the wind did blow over some pots on the patio. It was sunny though.
    Sending you hugs,

    PS You at least have very interesting trails to walk!

  6. My almost-always-ready-to-travel gene kicks in (but then again, when doesn't it?) and I am ready to move around the world a little bit. You did a great job of finding something interesting to do, though.