Saturday, December 9, 2017

Keeping Up

We stop at the Gold Arches or Mickey D's, as we sometimes call it a lot, especially when on a road trip. Not so much for the good food  (sic) but to use the facilities and get a cup of coffee. Caffeine helps keep my husband awake and besides they have actually improved their coffee and have a senior discount to boot. I think some places it is as low as 49cents a cup.
Recently I spotted a couple of parking spaces marked with a sign I have not seen before.
 Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a parking space reserved for folks who had pre- ordered on their phone...and that is exactly what it is. You download their app. order by phone and text them when you pull up, and they will bring your order to the car. Did you know about this? It is an ever changing world my friends....Will we use it. NO. We stop to break up a trip and getting out and going inside to pick up our order us a chance to stretch our legs..although I feel sure it would be useful for someone?


  1. Only to sit in a car for your coffee or meal, is sad. Maybe when you are disabled it is a solution. I prefer your way of a coffee break!

  2. Dearest Janey,
    No, we didn't know this either. Since I do all the driving and cannot take coffee past noon, or else I stay hyper till 4:00 A.M. we never stop at a McD for coffee. Instead we have some fruits and plenty of water in the car and drive the distance we need to go. We break it up in parts that are not too much daily.
    Hope you stay cozy, we had some frost last night but clear and crispy weather during the day and both of us went biking, using our new puffer, down filled jackets. They proved to be a perfect choice. We only had cold hands, even with the gloves on... But a hot tea once home, did cure that when cupping our hands around!

  3. I didn't know that either. I haven't been in a McDonalds in years.