Saturday, December 16, 2017


I decided to at least put a more festive picture on here even though I have been too busy to get out and take  pictures.
Tom and I sat by the fireplace last night watching an episode of the second season of The Crown   and drinking sipping chocolate that we purchased at Trader Joe's. We are loving the cooler weather and especially the forecast that predicts snow flurries on Christmas Eve.I hope that your days are merry and bright......Happy Holidays...Janey


  1. That looks very cosy Janey, I love the Crown so much too, have seen 3 episodes now. Want to dose them to enjoy the season longer....:)

  2. Thanks for the good wishes for the holiday season. It sounds like you had a good, relaxing evening together! Thanks for visiting my recent blog about the hiking shoes; I inadvertently deleted it rather than publishing. . .darn. I have not been consistent in either posting or commenting, but I hope to change that this coming year. Have a great holiday season!!

  3. I hope you get a white Christmas. We're pretty much set for it, what with more snow falling outside right now.

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