Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It is Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas.

Hi everyone. I guess you are probably as busy as I am? Can't tell you how happy I am that we finally had a cold front come in. Some of you may have had some snow by now... Gosh that would really make me happy. Although, Grace down in Perth must be headed into summer.
We have our tree decorated and  a new container of sipping chocolate from Trader Joe's . I am looking forward to another episode of Poldark ( a Netflix series) in front of the fireplace tonight.Now if it would only get dark so I could put on my pj's

I have been baking again, so why am I showing you a child skirt hanger? Well, I may have told you this trick before....but here goes. You see, so many of the recipes I use I print off of the Internet.
I use the hanger to clip the recipe and hang it on the cabinet knob in front of me.
Actually I prefer to cook out on my kitchen island, so I clip it around the knob on my cake pedestal. This method works great. It keeps the sheet of paper out of the mess...I am a messy cook, and it puts the recipe at eye level.
In case you were wondering what I was cooking...it was cranberry nut bread. We were invited to a dinner party and I decided to take the three other couples something home baked as a Christmas gift.

If you are interested in the recipe it is:HERE


  1. What a lovely idea to take something homemade for everyone.

  2. I have never seen a hanger used for that...but you know? I think it's brilliant! I can't wait to try it! Now could I have some cranberry nut bread too...and maybe some hot cocoa? heehee! Holiday hugs!

  3. You are such a brilliant well organized person! Love that hanger, and the Christmas gifts look wonderful!

  4. Your cranberry and nut bread looks delcious and very attractive too as is your lovely Christmas tree.

  5. What a clever idea to hang the recipe...I would never have thought of that and will be doing that for sure...I have so many recipes printed on paper and I hate when they get soiled - and I keep them all in manila folders in categories. I also enjoyed read your prior post and loved the home you featured, especially the room with twin beds! Happy holidays!

  6. You are not wrong Janey, 35C here today, how I would love to swap ☺ Baked goodies make such good Christmas presents.

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