Monday, April 2, 2018

Family Home

I was given a box of old pictures recently and this picture was among them.
I am not sure when it was taken, but it is of my Great Grandparents home in Sherman, Texas
Sam and Julia came to north Texas in the 1880's. A job prospect led them on to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), where Sam worked in the coal mines at LeHigh. By 1890 they had settled in Sherman, Texas and built the above house with money received from her Father's will who had recently died in Mississippi.

So many of our old family photos were taken in front of the house. This one of their six daughter's (there were also two sons), was taken before the porch banisters were changed.
That is my grandmother with the big bow.
This one (in pretty bad shape) is my grandmother in the front yard with her first three children. My mother on the left...and yes that is my Great Grandmother swinging on the porch.
Fast forward to 1942. My parents were married in the house.
A (fuzzy) picture of the home today.....still standing. It remained in our family for over 100years through three generations, but now it seems it has become a Beauty Salon. I wonder if folks getting their hair done there know of all of the wonderful family history attached to that home?


  1. Everyone always looks so stern in old photos. What a treasure trove you have there of family photos.

  2. It looks a lovely family home and sits in a very nice location too.
    It is lovely to have old family photos, I treasure the ones of my family too.

  3. It's wonderful to have the old photos to keep and enjoy. I was fortunate to be raised near so many of my relatives and I sure do miss them. Hugs, Diane

  4. Oh, I love old photos. These are wonderful. People always made photos outside in those times, even my parents did. There were no flashlights and I have not any photos of the interiour of our home when I was a toddler.

  5. It's good that the old house is still there, even with a new use.

  6. Dearest Janey,
    How precious for having all these photos!
    No attached sentimental feelings from the present beauty salon but to you it has a very special meaning!