Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Finally Home


Never thought the road home would end, but it finally did. Tom and I had some wonderful conversations on these barren stretches of road through northern Nevada and Utah. Wish we could have solved the world’s problems..but guess we didn’t.

We are finally back in Colorado enjoying the glorious mountains and our abundant wildlife.
There always seems to be some critter about,
and sometimes more than one,
or a whole flock.
I can’t complain about being bored, especially when you spot something like a Western Tanager.

Pulled this close up off of the Internet, so you could get a better look. Isn’t he a colorful bird?
Hope you are having a nice week...would have said wonderful, but that probably doesn’t describe any of our weeks these days....Janey


  1. Happy to see you home safe and sound Janey. I could never even imagine being bored surrounded by such beauty 💜 The Western Tanager is gloriously colourful ✨

  2. Lots of critters! The moose are a particular welcome sight.

  3. Dearest Janey,
    Oh, you and Tom have the very same, long conversations during long drives as Pieter and I have. It makes time pass a lot faster as all of a sudden you're at an 'unexpected' mile post! But no doubt, yours was a very long road and looking a bit 'longer' since you did not take a different route. But you keep the special memories, the priceless emotional memories that are the best. It always feels good to be home again and you sure live in a beautiful natural surrounding. Enjoy it in peace. Yes, none of us has wonderful times as we are all so restricted...

  4. That was a wonderful trip you made and I enjoyed watching the photos.

  5. That bird really is amazing! Such bright colors! Love the critters and birds you saw. I'm glad you had a good trip!