Saturday, August 15, 2020

South Lake Tahoe

 On our return from visiting Tom’s sister we stayed over one night at a resort on South Lake Tahoe. The beautiful lake is right on the border of California and Nevada.


I didn’t take a lot of pictures except of Emerald Bay, where you can drive up a winding road to a lookout point which gives you a view of the small island in the center.

After taking the usual tourist photos we drove over to the other side of the bay,

and walked down steep trail to the edge of the water,

where a hidden Castle also known as Vikingsholm appears.
Vikingsholm  was designed by a Swedish architect in 1929 for a wealthy woman by the name of Lora Knight.

Folks assume that Mrs. Knight, a divorced woman , was Scandinavian, but not so, she was born in the state of Illinois,


and was just very fond of the Scandinavian architecture.You normally can tour the 38 room castle in the summer but due to the current situation, it was closed. To learn more about this Scandinavian Castle go to . I haven’t figured out how to link on this new blogger format?

The lake starts only footsteps from the structure and there is no doubt why Mrs. Knight wanted to spend the remaining summers of her life here.
The only downside to hiking down to the castle, it is hike back up huff huff!
We are now headed back east to Colorado.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    You both are so brave in many ways.
    First the emotional visit with Tom's sister and then hiking down to the castle, and UP again.
    That is indeed an impressive building. You know Janey, it is real easy for linking inside the new Blogger. Once you're inside, where you type your text. Click on the top 3 ... to the right. Then you see all the way to the left 'insert a link' once you hoover over the drop down menu.
    Link to web page and you can also mark below that it opens in a new window. You also can check if it works. Quite simple if you concentrate on it for a couple of minutes. You probably had too much on your mind after returning from this adventurous trip.
    Kudos to you both!

  2. Wow, that first photo is breathtaking. And, that castle is most interesting. The Lake Tahoe area is so gorgeous. I bet you enjoyed spending some time there.

  3. That's a lovely area Janey.
    To get spellcheck - hold down the control tab whilst you click onto the word you want to check which will be underlined in red, and choices will appear for you to use.

  4. It is a joy to travel with your photos through the USA, brings back memories of the impressing nature there.

  5. I just saw your comment on my travel site. I can't believe you built a trip around staying at the hotel. I built my whole trip around dining in the restaurant but I've often thought I'd stay at that hotel the next time I went. I actually stayed at a hotel pictured in the fourth photo down. The one with all the vines on it. It was a wonderful hotel, very elegant inside. I have wanted to go back for so long and it just never worked out. I need to make a specific point next time I travel.

    1. Sharon the hotel is the Duc de Bourgogne. The restaurant part is very old world...but this has been 25 yrs ago!