Saturday, August 8, 2020


 Traveling west out of Salt Lake City, Utah, I thought we would leave the salt behind us...but not so.

For what seemed like 300 hundred miles we experienced the Salt Flats when in reality it was hard to tell where the salt from Salt Lake ended and the salt flats began not to mention the miles and miles of desert. Crusty salt as far as the eye could see. I found it very interesting since I had never seen it....well for awhile.

Keep your eyes open!. Some clever person had inserted this in the landscape.

and maybe the same person thought this would be clever. Watching for these things certainly broke up the monotony of the landscape.


Don't know why, but I wasn't expecting this. I had seen news reels in school about the Bonneville Salt Flats but never given much thought to where they were.

You see out on the Utah Salt Flats they try and set land speed records of all types of cars and motorcycles.


and have for a very long time. I wish we had gone over and toured the facility..but we didn't.

Come back and I will show you the most surprising thing I saw on the flats.....


  1. The miles and miles of sand is an extraordinary sight Janey, the shark and serpent an added bonus ­čśü

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Well, that sure was quite surprising and interesting as well.
    Those are indeed enormous salt flats!

  3. I had no idea that the salt flats covered such a vast area. That explains why Utah is called Salt Lake City.

  4. I haven't seen the flats since I was a kid. When I was working in Utah, we always traveled north and south and never to the west so I only saw the white from a distance. I think I would have enjoyed this drive.

  5. Yes what a huge salt fields there are, it must have blinded you a bit with all that white stuff.