Sunday, August 2, 2020

Road Trip

I know, I know, we shouldn’t be taking a road trip during this pandemic, especially not to California, but Tom’s  only sibling an older sister lives there and he may not get another chance to see her. So, being extremely careful, masks disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer in tow we headed out on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. 

Not far from our little mountain town to the west lies a vast valley where many fruits and vegetables are grown.
When we arrived in the tiny town of Olathe, Co. there was no doubt where we were as there were corn fields as far as you could see. You see Olathe is famous for their delicious corn. So naturally I ask Tom to pull over so I could take a picture of the corn stalks. I know many countries don’t eat corn, but instead feed it to their livestock, but if you have ever tasted Olathe could possibly change your mind.
Every once in awhile, right beside the corn fields you would see a field of huge beautiful sunflowers. Naturally I wanted a picture of these too. Poor Tom, but hey he has gotten use to me yelling stop!
Why the sunflowers in corn country you ask. Well, maybe you didn’t but I will tell you anyway. The corn crop leaves an excess of nitrogen in the soil and the farmers use to plant soybeans in rotation with the corn to neutralize the soil, but soybeans can be problematic, so sunflowers apparently are. the answer, and it is a crop that has  many commercial uses. I certainly think they are a great choice. They were like a breath of fresh air...I finally did get back in the car and we continued our long trek west.....more on that later.


  1. I hope you have a safe journey. I love the look of that corn. I grew up in corn country in Illinois, across the river from Iowa. They also grew soybeans. In fact, my hometown produced an abundance of soybean products. Those sunflowers are a wonderful sight to see!

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Good for you for making that long trek west!
    Don't let others dictate your feelings and actions.
    One wonders why in Sweden, Australia, Taiwan there is not such a rule as we ought to adhere to, here in the USA.
    It is too political!

  3. beautiful sunflowers....look that they grow in huge farming areas...

    Have a great weekend

  4. I love sweet corn Janey, especially covered in buffer, salt and pepper 😊 The sunflowers are a spectacularly beautiful alternative to soybeans, they are such a cheerful sight 🌻🌻 Enjoy your visit, take care 💜

  5. Love the field of sunflowers - hope that all goes well for your journey.

  6. Those sunflowers are beautiful, a real Van Gogh painting!

  7. That field of sunflowers just lifts the spirit.