Monday, August 3, 2020

Traveling Across the Desert

My last post had us passing through Olathe, Colorado on a road trip to California. Heading on north to Grand Junction, Colorado we then turned northwest crossing over into northern Utah where the terrain changed drastically.
We were happy to have an air conditioned car as the temperature seemed go up the further we got into the desert.
The rest stops all warned us of scorpions and snakes, but the views were spectacular and I was in awe of the rock formations that continued to change.

We ventured up and down steep hills 

and around hairpin curves.
Our destination was Salt Lake City, Utah for the night. We had reservations at a motel just west of the metropolitan area so that we would be past the morning commuters. As you can see by the map we had a long second day ahead of us.

Before we leave Salt Lake though. I must say something about the Great Salt Lake. On the trip map above this one you can see the lake which is just northwest of the city. I was amazed by it's size! It is the largest salt lake in the western hemisphere and the 8th largest lake in the world.
They were harvesting salt from the lake. The company who was doing this particular sight was the company that I buy my table salt from, Morton Salt.. Excuse the bad photo. The speed limit was 80 MPH and Tom was interested in putting some miles behind us. More to come on our long hot road trip...


  1. Gosh what a trip Janey! The rock formations are indeed spectacular. The salt lake is huge, funny to see the piles of salt like that. Safe travels ✨

  2. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, what a fabulous drive, however long and hot.
    Hope you did carry enough water with you, that and the airconditioning indeed is a MUST!
    Never knew that Norton Salt got harvested there.
    We learned a lot; so did the two of you... ENJOY.

  3. What a fascinating trip - the terrain that you are travelling through is extraordinary.

  4. Looks good Janey, love the rocks. What a huge pile of salt they have.

  5. Safe Travels And Keep Them Blurry Photos Coming


  6. Back in the mid 90's I worked in Salt Lake City for about 4 months. It was just temporary to work on a project. I enjoyed my time there. There is quite a lot to see and do. It's interesting how the scenery seems to change state by state.

  7. spectacular views...
    rock formations are awesome...

    # Have a wonderful day