Tuesday, August 31, 2021



That is the reaction we get from family and friends alike when we tell them we have sold our beautiful log home in idyllic Lake City Colorado.
I know, I know, I have spent a lot of energy conveying to you what a wonderful place this little town is….and that hasn’t changed. It is all  of those things…and more.

It would be impossible to list all of the events that have taken place over the thirty plus summers that we have been coming here, but the Fourth of July events would be right near the top.

as would the special events,

and yes taking part in the community theater. Tom played the role of the town drunk.

Playing host and hostess. Here to a traveling car show.

Speaking of host and hostess…ten wonderful years of being on The Back in Thyme Tea team.

Outdoor events will long be remembered like 4wheeling to the top of the mountain,

and hiking there as well.
Our favorite roles though have been the welcoming committee to hundreds of guests…. friends
and family alike. I simply can’t post all of those wonderful pictures.

So then, why are we doing this? It wasn’t and easy decision. No, neither of us is ill. It is simply time to simplify. Two homes are a huge responsibility.Yes we plan to return on occasion…leasing a place to stay.
I have also questioned If I should continue this blog. My life may not be as eventful as it has been…Although I love sharing my life with my blogging friends❤️….so we will see…With love, Janey


  1. Dearest Janey,
    You both at least are 'daring' enough to make decisions in a timely matter! Not waiting until things can no longer be handled and being forced to...
    Don't worry, wherever you are, you always will find things to do and attracting thus many friends and family that want to share in that atmosphere.
    The same is true for your blog... A few words and maybe an image will always come easily from you!
    thanks so far for all the generous, humorous and caring way of sharing with your readers!

  2. Oh wow! I didn't see that coming, so I guess I would be shocked too! But it is so true, maintaining 2 houses is a bit challenging! Wonderful memories you will take with you and I'm sure your friends from the town will miss you!

    I do hope you continue blogging. I've enjoyed getting to know you for the brief time I've been following your blog :) Give it some thought and perhaps retire this one and start a new one. I did that a few months back.

    Exciting days ahead!


  3. Oh wow, I am surprised but I do understand the need to simplify life. And you are right, you can always rent a place for summer trips.
    I do hope you continue with the blog. I enjoy seeing your posts and I do enjoy this little blogging community.

  4. You stay busy in Ft Worth too. Keep up the blog. I check everyday to see what or if you have posted. My Morning Walk and then my quote of the day have gone away but something else my take their place

  5. I understand the need to simplify your life as maintaining one home is difficult enough. I am sure you will find a number of other things to fill your life and write about on your blog.

  6. You've had a good run in the mountains. One has to know when it's time to quit. You will find other productive things to do. I enjoy reading your blog so keep on blogging.

  7. Oh Janey what a decission you made. You love this place so much.......

  8. That was a big move Janey I can just imagine how surprised family and friends were. I think you made the right decision, keeping things simple is the way to go, especially if you are also planning to travel now that things are opening up a bit. You will certainly have a multitude of happy memories of your Colorado home 💜

  9. I think that you have been very brave to make such a big decision, but as we get older the less responsibility we have, the better. Our house is far too big for two of us, it is a very large family home and wish that I had the courage to do what you have done.
    You have lots and lots of happy memories to look back on, and as you mention you will return but without the responsibility of having to care for your lovely log home.
    Please do not stop blogging though.

  10. This place is very beautiful, and you look very happy ^^

  11. You had so much fun with all those dress ups!

  12. I think you've made a great decision! It helps simplify things for sure! It will be so nice just to be able to go and lease and let someone else have the responsibility of upkeep, etc. And I hope you'll always blog. I look forward to reading about where you go and what you see in your adventures!