Sunday, May 29, 2022

Summers Here

 This will be our first summer to stay in Texas and not head to the mountains due to the fact that we sold our log home in Lake City, Colorado last year. Years ago when we did stay here all summer. Here was Houston which  is several hundred miles south of where we live now. The climate in Houston is very humid all year and frankly unbearable in the summer. We will see what it’s like here in Fort Worth where it is much dryer and the mornings and evenings can be almost bearable. 

We just returned from morning walk and everyone has their yard in tiptop shape. Notice the unusual driveway at this house.

Pots of flowers grace this entry

This new build has put a lot of thought into dressing up their entry.

It wasn’t the pretty flowers that caught my eye passing this one, but the new paint job on the front door. 

 Although I think I would add a few flower pots!

We are very sad around here due to the horrific slaughter of school children in Uvalde, Texas.  Tom and I are not gun owners, never have been, never will be. We just don’t understand why gun control reform can’t be accomplished. It is getting harder and harder to describe ourselves as proud Texans.


  1. Dearest Janey,
    What a lovely, well kept neighborhood you live in.
    Yes, it is starting to warm up in the South.
    Will have to adapt to a lot cooler weather, hopefully tomorrow. My Delta Premium Select flight from yesterday got cancelled, rebooked and when we were at the airport still nothing. The system did not yield the seat reserved for me. Even a phone call with a high ranking Delta agent did not yield anything... So, we had to go back home with our designated driver (in our car) and gas up for a new flight today. Hoping this will really work out. Yesterday was such a mess, so many people got stuck and needed to be rerouted in order to make it home. Lots of lunch and dinner vouchers got written out...
    Too much stress this final trip!
    BUT, compared to the loved ones of the tragedy in Texas, it is nothing.
    Let's hope that Social media chat rooms and platforms start acting on the initial signals in order to prevent such massacres!

  2. That looks a nice neighborhood where you live Janey, all well looking houses.

  3. A very spick and span looking neighbourhood - everyone seems to really care about how smart and well tended their homes look.
    It is difficult for us to comprehend the mentality of those who fight the an anti-gun lobby - they talk about their need to have the guns in order to protect themselves from such events as the horrific slaughter at the school. I don't understand their topsey turvey logic.

  4. I believe there is no reasoning with the gun lobby.